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Dr. Jim P. Hughes . . .

. . . founder and CEO of Productive Aging Resources has a passion for the older people and seeks to highlight their value to society. Despite the largely negative view that the general population has of life in the 60+ years, he sees positive opportunities for individuals and leaders of companies and churches who gain insight into a positive and more accurate perspective on aging. This website is dedicated to helping the frail elderly, e.g., at-home caregivers of older loved ones, and educating healthy seniors to enjoy the benefits of voluntary service to others. He, also, coaches company and church leaders as to the value of older people’s dedication and work, and how their contributions are often significant assets in accomplishing stated goals. He is seeks to free seniors from restricting stereotypes and enhancing their intergenerational contribution within society.

PAR is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose vision is to prepare the existing and forthcoming generations for the aging of America.

The mission of PAR is to educate and equip individuals and corporation and church leaders for the aging of America so that they can recognize and seize the opportunities that lie ahead:

COMPANIES: PAR is in the business of enhancing corporate productivity by reducing employee and corporate distractions caused by employees who are caring for their aging parents. Companies who work with older adults, such as those in senior housing, will find Dr. Hughes and PAR especially helpful.

CHURCHES: PAR trains church leaders in how to begin and/or expand Generational Ministries for Individuals in the Second Half of Life. Here is a way to capture the hearts of Boomers, as well those who are older.

INDIVIDUALS: PAR improves the quality of people’s lives by helping them get free from the limiting restrictions inherent in the second half of life and giving them the tools to enjoy its benefits. Because the need is great, training at-home caregivers has become a special focus.

What People Say About Dr. Hughes' Presentations:

  • “His work is comprehensive, easy to follow, and practical.”
  • “It was a very helpful workshop.”
  • “Jim’s true worth lies in his unique ability to administer tender loving care to both the caregiver and the patient.”
  • “Dr. Hughes has successfully united his lengthy experience in senior adult ministry with his academic research in the fields of theology, gerontology, and volunteerism.”


Jim P. Hughes, Ph.D.
Dr. Hughes has worked among senior adults for more than two decades. He has trained over 1,000 church leaders in conferences and workshops across the nation. He spent fifteen years developing a model for church ministry with older adults. His BA is in Bible; MA in New Testament; MS in gerontology and his Ph.D. in educational gerontology. He continues to lead workshops and speak at conferences on the subject of generational ministries in local churches. Dr. Hughes is the author of two books and several articles on ministry with older persons.




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