How PAR Can Help Your Church


PAR Institute was developed to create a way for more people to get the training they need - when they need it - using a computer to allow them to work at their own pace. 

There are three areas where PAR is having a positive impact on persons who are 50+ years of age--caregiver training in companies, church ministries and with individuals. We are presently speaking to various groups across the nation on these subjects.

However, the greatest impact will come as a result of PAR Institute, which the first on-line training courses will be available this summer.

The Caregivers’ Guide to Helping Your Aging Loved Ones is an online training workshop for caregivers, especially those who will spend years taking care of a family member or friend who has Alzheimer’s or some other long-term degenerative disease. The course is broken down into six modules. Each model covers a facet of the caregiving process and equips the students with helpful information and tools to better serve their loved ones.

The online Certificate Program in Middle and Senior Adult Ministry is a series of six courses and a project. It is designed to train both the profession and lay church leaders. Students will receive CEU credits for the classes they take. Those who complete the program will receive a Diploma.

Productive Aging Resources proudly announces its Board of Directors:

  • Dr. Jim P. Hughes, Chief Executive Officer
  • William G. Matheny, Chief Operating Officer
  • Kathy Hughes, Treasurer
  • Laura Carr, National Marketing Director & Development Director
  • Darrel Watkins, Ph.D., Dean - PAR Institute
  • PenDell Pittman, Jr., Administrator - PAR Institute





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